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hits one up the middle, drew at 2nd, and game over! [ cheering and applause ] >> the oakland a's live to see another day! >> scott: the a's survive and take game 3 from detroit. >> stellar defense all over the diamond.
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it was a sell-out crowd at the coliseum, and fans coming out to show their support for the upstart a's. reggie kumar was there tonight. he has more. >> reporter: diehard fans arrived early for the third game. the game was sold out. >> scott: it better be sold out! >> they're definitely going to pull it out. >> why? >> a better , younger team. home field advantage, and i know we're going to do it. >> home field advantage, and we're going to sweep the 3. >> they've done a few sweeps already. i think they can do it. >> i think they definitely need this game. >> we got this already in the bag. >> you think they can do it? >> i think we have a lot of trust in baseball, and we love baseball.
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>> not everyone was happy at the game. some people showed up with game 3 tickets only to be turned away. although it was game 3, it was game 1 of the a's homestand. people thought they were buying ticket for tonight's game, but they were buying tickets for thursday's game if there is one.
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the board of supervisors
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has voted to restate suspended sheriff -- ross mirkarimi. >> no. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> supervisor avils on? >> no. >> no. >> campos no . >> president chu? >> aye. >> superrierdz cohen? >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. there are 7 aye s and 4 nos. >> given the motion required 9 to pass, it is not approved. the charges against mirkarimi are not sustained. >> this vote is a defeat for san francisco mayor, ed lee, who wanted mirkarimi removed from office. you're looking at a live look from outside san francisco city hall where the meeting just wrapped up.
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7 supervisors voted to sustain the charges of official misconduct. 4 voted to reinstate. he pleaded guilty in march to fall imprisonment charges related to an argument he had on new year's eve he had with his wife. he is currently on probation and in domestic violence counseling. it's unclear when he will get back to work. gasoline prices at another record high today. take a look at the gas prices from aaa. san francisco at $4.74, oakland $4.68. san jose, $4.67. price relief could come any day. officials are making the less extensive winter blend fuel. but don't expect the prices to drop by a significant amount. >> we probably will maintain over the $4 mark. but we will
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probably be paying a lot less for gas per gallen of unleaded regular in the next 3-4 days. >> experts believe the price of gas will start to drop by the weekend because it takes a few days for the winter blend to hit the market. >> we are seeing showers at this hour courtesy of the system sitting offshore. it is starting to wrap around some moisture into the peninsula and down into monterey. the showers over san mateo right now. as we zoom in, heavier rain pushing through the peninsula. south san francisco looks like it could get a little bit of this heavy rain. the yellow on your screen indicates rainfall rates from 1 quarter inch to 1/2 inch. santa cruz, more wraparound moisture. this could be heading up to the north into the south bay, the general direction of the showers. so we could see a little bit more rain into the south bay here shortly.
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and the chance of showers lingers into tomorrow. police will not charge the officer who shot and killed an oakland high school student earlier this year. the alameda county district attorney's office found the shooting was justified and that the officer reasonably believed that allen blueford was going to shoot him or others. police noticed him and two other hanging out on a street corner, when they confronted the men, he ran. during the chase, the officers say he pulled a gun. the family claims the shooting was unjustified. 11 people have now died from that rare fungal meningitis which is tied to the tainted steroid shots. the number of sick people has reached 119 in
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10 states. new jersey reports at least one illness. the steroid in question is often used for back pain. the problem batch of the medication has been traced to a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the company has recalled not only the steroids but everything that it makes. later in this broadcast, the giants staying alive! can the a's stay alive? we'll have extensive coverage coming up later. and a world cheerleading backflip record!
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i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal awarde volt high praise. two years in a row. ♪ god was looking out for them. >> that's sean lewis of charlotte, north carolina, who is lucky to be alive after being flipped into the air. he was walking across the road, he was struck by a car, knocked into the windshield, and thrown onto the ground. the driver briefly stopped and then drove away.
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a few minutes later, may got up and started -- he got up and started to walk away. police are still looking for the driver. he had visible injuries on his head and has to walk with a cane now. this happened friday in carmichael. a clerk was ringing up a customer when he was hit. seconds later, the driver backed out and took off. officers used the video to track down the truck and booked the driver on suspicion of dui and hit and run. >> the chance for showers, and here it is! rain over the peninsula. we'll talk more about this, and the chance of more rain coming up.
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police suspect alcohol was a factor in a collision that sent three people to the hospital this morning outside turner elementary in antioch. the driver of an suv ran a red light and plowed into a group of pedestrians on the sidewalk. a crossing guard and parent were transported to the hospital by helicopter. the guard's
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11-year-old son suffered minor injuries. the driver had alcohol on his breath and was arrested. police are looking for a second person inside the suv who took off running after the crash. we spoke to a friend of the injured parent as she picked up the victim's child from school. >> mom's in the hospital having surgery, fractured shoulder. she might have internal injuries. i was told the car came out of nowhere, down the street, driving crazy and bam. it's horrible and devastating. it happens too much. i talked to a neighbor in this area, she's been here for 8 years. this is a horrible spot. the crosswalk, the red light, the no right turn on red don't mean a thing. they need bumps on the street! these people drive like it's a freeway. it's horrible! >> both female victims were said to be in serious condition. the young boy has been treated
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and released. violent crime still hang over oakland. two men died in a double shooting in west oakland last night. the two were in a car and they drove a block before stopping at 12th and filbert street before being shot. >> reporter: with the murder rate over 90 for the year, police are ready to launch a crime fighting strategy this month called cease-fire which targets the city's most violent individuals and groups >> s >> we believe that the total number of groups that are responsible for the violence range from 200 to 300 individuals. >> reporter: they'll be called in to meet with local law enforcement and members of the community. they'll be offered resources to get out of the life of crime and warned if they
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continue on this violent path, they will face more serious charges and prison time. >> if we can see that shootings are reduced and homicides are reduced, that is a clear indication that it's working. >> reporter: their collaboration has led to some 90 arrests in the last several months. >> we can demonstrate that we mean business, that they are successfully arresting and charging criminals in oakland. >> reporter: councilman libby shaf says that will be an indication cease-fire has been a success this time around. >> it has worked successfully in several other cities. >> reporter: oakland police will not say when the meeting is scheduled, where it's taking place or who's been invited. it will take place this month, and police will begin tracking the progress of cease-fire almost
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immediately. we are seeing rain out there right now. spotty showers down the peninsula. heavier rain moving through south san francisco. this is heading up to the north. we're going to be moving through san francisco here shortly. light rain in daly city. toward santa cruz, spotty showers here. a couple cells a little heavier, and the movement of these is up to the north. this could move into san jose in the next hour or so. our satellite and radar picture, most of the rain and cloud cover has stayed offshore with this system. the core is right here. but as it continues to track down to the south, you can see it rotating. it's going to push some of these showers up through the south bay not only tonight but also into tomorrow. futurecast not doing a good job of pinpointing what's coming through right now.
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through the 8:00 hours, just showing the cloud cover. into the 2:00 hour tomorrow, a chance of rain coming up from the south into the south bay. this will continue near san jose through the 4:00 hour, and then continues will start to improve. we'll see some of the cloud cover through the day tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 70s in the south bay tomorrow. definitely a few sun breaks. 70 in cupertino, 71 in san jose, 70s for the inland valleys. 76 in livermore. 65 in alameda. cool along the coast . 64 in san francisco. 70s up through the north bay. the extended forecast, tomorrow a chance of showers, but mainly just the clouds going to be coming through. the rest of the week, conditions don't change much. but then warmer conditions with more sunshine into the weekend. bay area baseball fans have not seen the last of their teams yet!
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all right, good evening, everybody. both the giants and a's live to play another day! we'll open the evening at the coliseum, the place jammed! tarps over the top. bob melvin and 37,000 fans watched the game
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take shape early. coco crisp, you can rob somebody of a home run on a high fly-ball, but a line drive, the timing has to be perfect. prince fielder, hello! bottom 1, 1-0 oakland . seth smith goes the distance. and oakland is going to run and hide. brett anderson hasn't pitched in three weeks due to an oblique strain. sit down, miguel cabrera to end the 6th! more a's defense, cespedes, to rob fielder one more time! rob with a couple of hits, and grounding into a double play to end the game. that's the night for cecil fielder, that was daddy. this is prince, and the game is over. the a's win 2-0, tigers still lead the series 2-1.
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>> everybody was happy, letting the personalities run wild, and just going nuts and being ourselves, getting excited. >> adrenalin, and being competitive takes over, and you're not really worried about feeling like what at the time. oblique wasn't feeling great, but you got to put it behind you and get people out. >> a's will try and even this series at 2 tomorrow night. 3 hits, 16 strikeouts. you figure a tough night for the giants! cincinnati ready to close on san francisco after winning two here in the bay area. crowd going nuts. bochy the same. vogelsong was real good. pitching with help from his defense down the line. hunter pence, the slide to make the catch. vogelsong and the giants hanging right with dusty
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baker's reds. tied at 1 in the 6th. and homer bailey was real good. he didn't allow a hit until the 6th. aubrey huff, good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight. strikes out 3 as a pinch hitter for vogelsong. when a question, why didn't they work arias to pitch with the bases loaded? 1:00, tomorrow, barry zito tries to even the series. giants win. >> we want to help our team the best we can. and it was tough in 2010 watching the boys go all the way and not being able to help out with that. it's just part of the team camaraderie.
11:27 pm
we want to contribute. >> he was not on the 2010 world championship roster. quite a slap in the face for a guy making between 18 million $18 million and $20 million. he can earn some of that money tomorrow if he can even the series for the giants. roger goodell still has some power. he was going to down low when the referees were causing problems down the lockouts. but that's back to normal. and goodell said they have sufficient evidence these guys set bounties on opposing players. world backflip championship. we saw it at 6:00, 8:00, they're still flipping. 35 times she went over. and there it is.
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an amazing accomplishment. as we like to say here for all of us at kron4, that means jacky, pam, the morning crew. congratulations. >> and goodnight.
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